Friday, July 30, 2010


X stemmed from the ideas of a man named Wilfred Winkenbach. In the mid-late 1950s, he had developed the first ___ sport, ____ golf, in which each participant would draft a team of professional golfers and the lowest combined score at the end of a tournament would win. He then applied this concept to baseball, using home run hitters and pitching statistics.
The early years involved few leagues, but serious players. Several people stopped after several years, as it was too strenuous looking through statistics every week and remembering to call in with their starting rosters. The game was a fun idea, but had yet to become convenient enough to be the phenomenon it is today.

The convenience came over 30 years later, on the heels of the Internet explosion..
How do we know this concept today?


aman said...

fantasy.. fantasy golf.. and noadays fantasy football

Nanda said...

fantasy Football

Pulse said...

first x is fantasy football,next two blanks are fantasy

Siddarth Pai said...

Fantasy LEagues

Shravan said...

fantasy football

Anonymous said...

Fantacy League Fantasy Football