Thursday, August 5, 2010


Phew! Done with IT! Thank heavens for that. Now, we've got.. let's see.. which topic..?
Well, anything would do!!
Here goes..
This picture depicts a scene involving the angel Moroni handing the golden plates to a certain man X at the mountain Mormon. Well, this is how it happened, according to X.
After being enlightened, X wrote a book. X started a huge movement in America, as many people demanded a change in things.Id X and the movement started by him.


kapil4uforever said...

Joseph of mormon

Kapinjal sharma

Athith- The KIA said...

X- Joseph Smith Junior...
Movement- Latter Day Saints Movement

i think the book is book of mormon..

Anonymous said...

joseph smith jr-'latter day saint movement'


Rohan said...

Joseph Smith who started the Latter Day Saints Movement. Mormon gave it away...

Siddarth Pai said...


or Church of The Latter Day Saints

Joseph Smith

came on Southpark

check out the name of the angel


Shravan said...

Joseph Smith.... look at the list of his wives
Latter Day Saint Movement

Anonymous said...

mitt romney