Saturday, August 28, 2010


X shows an early architect proposing his plans.
Y, we all know.                                                                                                Y


Id them both.
What connects X and Y? Explain a little, won't you?


Siddarth Pai said...


da vinci

connection is early attempts at flight

da vinci invented a mchine which he believed would fly, archytas invented a mechanical bird CALLED THE PIGEON which, it is believed, flew 200 m

churott said...

X is solari and Y is leonardo da vinci.. solari deisgned the santa maria church where leonardo painted the last supper

Priyank Mehta said...

X is Vitruvius, depicting De Architectura to Augustus
Y is Leonardo da Vinci
One of da Vinci's most famous drawings, The Vitruvian Man, which is accompanied by Vitruvius' notes.

Rohan said...

not that challenging if you've read The DaVinci(the fag) Code! X is Vitruvius a roman architect. Da Vinci(the fag) named his accurate drwawing of the human man in honour of Vitruvius, i.e. the Vitruvian man. Vitruvius had said in his writings that human figure as being the principal source of proportion

Siddarth Pai said...

Vitruvius, 1st engineer

the Vitruvian man

vinci drw the virtruvaian man based on the works of vitrivius, specifically geometry

Nerrad said...

the vitruvian man is the connect, left architect is vitruvus, who wrote about the ideal human proportions or something, and da vinci drew it..

Anurag said...

A depiction of Vitruvius (right) presenting De Architectura to the Emperor Augustus.
Lionardo da vinci
The VitruVian Man

churott said...

Got it! X is vitruvius nd Y is leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo created the illustration of the vitruvian man from vitruvius' writings.