Thursday, October 7, 2010

QUESTION 358 : I'd like a pension once I retire

Henry Augustuc "Gus" Mears was an English businessman, most notable for ______________________.

Funerary monument, Brompton Cemetery, London
He was born in 1873, the son of Joseph and Charlotte Mears.
In 1896, Mears and his brother Joseph purchased the __________ ________ Athletic Grounds and later the with the intention of turning it into the country's finest ground and staging high profile matches there.
Mears was ultimately persuaded not to sell up, and instead decided to found _________, in March, 1905. The story goes that he was on the verge of giving up on the project when his Scottie bit his colleague Fred Parker, who still supported the idea. So impressed was Mears with his friend's reaction, he decided to take his advice.

What super- duper thing did Mears bring into existence? :D


Nanda said...

Eventhough I support the Red devils, I'll answer this. Its Chelsea.

Pranav said...

Chelsea football club!!

Anonymous said...

Chealsea football club?

St. Jisu said...

Chelsea FC!!!

-Saint pinak

Siddarth Pai said...


and you asshole

you can't use the quizzard for personal propaganda

sanath said...

chelsea fc
stamford bridge

Ameya said...

The Chelsea Football Club......

Nanda said...

I am not using this for personal propaganda. I just meant it as a joke. Don't know why I was misunderstood.