Thursday, November 11, 2010

Question 388:IND-genius

Connect all the pictures, and what caused them all to slowly be replaced by most prominent entities.
The remaining part of this family is still well known, and something we all encounter in our day to day lives.

1) Id the pics or Whats the connection
2) What caused the replacement


Aviral said...

First is of Manmad Hill known as Thums Up hill.
2nd pic is of GoldSpot band.

The family is Parle Brothers. They sold the brands (thums up, limca, gold spot) to coca cola.

Remaining part is Bisleri...or other Parle appy fizz, etc

sej said...

the band is goldspot ... the connect evades me ...

Siddarth Pai said...

Pic 1: Manmad hills, said to be the inspiration for the thums up logo

pic 2: Indian American Band Goldspot, featuring Sidharth Khosla

COnnect is companies owned by parle, then sold to coke, and now has a very limited distribution

either coke or parle would have sufficed

The policies of the Rama Rao Government which allowed the entrance of private players caused these INDIGENOUS brands to slowly fade away