Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Question 399: Padon me

Using Varun Rajiv's quote, "left is to the right", 1:2 as 3: X

Id X (the pic is the blank that needs to be filled)
and give the connection between !,2 and 3,X.

And id anythign else you believe you should.


This is an example of a question Varun Rajiv gave during Ipso Facto, the question was "left is to the right. Give the commercial application'
My question is simple
Pic 1 is related to pic 2
IN the same fashion, pic 3 is related to X ( the unknown), in the world of technology
And current affairs

Person in 1: blank in 2
Person's legacy in 3: X

Id Each






Mohit Verma said...

2 is microsoft featuring. bill gates cartoon in place of monopoly man
3 is obvioulsy barney stinson i am legend wait for it dary

Siddarth Pai said...


Largely uncracked, X is RIM or Blackberry

1:2 is a picture of Mr Slate ( Fred Flintstone's boss) : A picture of Bill gates as the monopoly guy

Slate is a collaboration between Micrsoft and HP, touted as an ipad killer

3:X is barney Stinson, who has "The Playbook"
X is RIM

the blank is i am leged - wait for it-dary