Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Question 416: tRick or treat

THis is from an extremely popular internet meme, im sure each one of us has been (pic2ed) many times.

Just id:
1) Character in pic 1
2) The blank in pic 2

pic 1

pic 2


Cupidvogel said...

The first pic suggests that it is referring to the famous single "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley, after which the internet meme Rickrolling was let in 2003 in Youtube. The 2nd pic I don't have a damn clue. By the way, a similar question was posted by Nihar in his other blog Qmen a few days back, and there I answered it too.

Priyank Mehta said...

Is it Rick Astley?

SyntaXerroR said...

1.Rick Astley
2.The Rickroll

Rohan said...

Basically Rickrolling! Rick Astley's song Never Gonna Give You loads through a masked link provided to you by a friend. When a person clicks on the link and is led to the web page, he or she is said to have been "rickrolled"

Aravind V said...

Rick Astley


Nagaratna said...

Pic 1 - Rick Astley
Pic 2 - The Rick Roll
tRICK (ASTLEY) or treat :P

Thank you for getting that song stuck in my head. :|

Siddramiah Pai said...

Rick astley.


Ameya said...

Rick Ashtley

Anonymous said...

rick astley

Siddarth Pai said...