Thursday, November 25, 2010

Question 418; Beating round

This poem, published in richard poor's almanac ( a derivative of Franklin's poor richard's almanac no doubt) is a compendium, a compilation of what one would call comedy. In the past decade, we have heard these phrases individually, but the author took the liberty of compiling them into a poem

1 Id the person in question
2) The name of the poem(same as what has been blanked out)
3) The term it spawned


Nagaratna said...

1) George W Bush :D
2)Make the pie higher, apparently.
3)Buhisms? What a lame sounding term. It's like a wannabe -ism.

Nagaratna said...

Oh, compilation credits go to Richard Thompson.

SyntaXerroR said...

1 - George W Bush
2 - Make the pie higher.
3 - Bushisms

Aravind V said...

1)George Bush

Devnexus said...

the person in question is obviously George W. Bush(misunderestimate was a spoiler)
the name of the poem is Make your Pie Higher
The term it spawned is probably "Bushism"??