Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christ Quiz: Prelims

Nihar and I just finished conducting a quiz at Christ, and we'll be posting up the questions and answers soon.

Attempt the prelims
Its +5 per question ok?

have fun

we'll add the points to the main scoreboard soon.


Cupidvogel said...

3- Google.
6- 3 Musketeers.
11- St. Elmo's Fire.
12- 1st mother to win a Grand Slam.
14- He voiced Donald Duck.
18- Werner Heisenberg.
21- Dokomo.
22- Vodafone Zuzus were designed on them.

23- Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up on Youtube.

24- A character named Paul served as the source for naming Paul the Octopus.

25- Roadrunner?
28- Serendipity.
29- Belinda Clark, 1st person to score an international ODI 200 (in 1997).

Answered all of them on my own, except the one on Clijsters, which I wikied.

Ameya said...

Q13 dedication is for me??? am zapped

pranav said...

1.tata nano
4.mahut and john isner
6.the 3 musketeers
9.a quiver full of arrows
12.becoming a grand slam winner after becoming a mother
13.tin eye
14.just a guess did he provide the voice for donald duck???
15.rocket constellation :D
16.x-airtel logo
y-vediocon logo
18.a sitter thats werner heisenberg
20.something to do with world wildlife fund reacted to the competative fighting of animals like cock fights etc
24.paul the octopus was supposed to be named after this book
29.belinda clark she is the first human being to score 200 runs in international odi cricket

Gowtham Ragavendar said...

1. Tata Ace
2. The Orient Express
3. Google
4. Nicholass Mahut, John Isner
5. It's an easter egg on google maps
6. The three musketeers
7. Gone with the wind?
8. Michael Ballack
9. A quiver full of Arrows
11. Looming
12. Winning a Grand Slam as a mom
13. TinEye
14. Voice of Donald Duck
15. Ursa Major
16. AirTel
17. Dunno X, Y is Springfield
18. Werner Heisenberg
19. Zettabyte
20. World Wrestling Federation renamed to World Wrestling Entertainment
21. DoCoMo
22. Zoozoos
23. Rick Astleys song- never gonna giv you up
24. Paul the Octopus
25. Roadrunner
26. Bamako?
27. The Golden Ratio
28. Serendip
29. Belinda Clarke - scored 229, the highest in an ODI innings
30. DV Gundappa?

Rohan said...

1. Tata Ace
2. Aboard the Orient express (Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie)
3. Google! (sitter)
4. Awesome question dude, it was not 40-40 points. It was 40-40 games in the last set of the longest ever match at Wimbledon between John Isner and Nicholas Mahut which went on till 70 games! great question once again.
5. Iceland??
6. easy one, The Three Musketeers
7. Casino Royale??
8. Michael Ballack!
9. A Quiver full of Arrows, Archer's short story collection
10. Winston Churchill maybe
11. i saw this pic on wiki. it's st. elmo's fire
12. won a Grand Slam tournament when she was a mother
13. TinEye, this is given on their homepage too
14. He voiced Donald Duck
15. Ursa major
16. Airtel
17. Springfield
18. Murphy?
19. Zettabyte
20. World Wrestling Federation?
21. Expansion of DOCOMO
22. ZooZoo
23. the thing shown in The Ring maybe
24. Paul the Octopus was named after it
25. Casper
26. Timbuktu
27. easy one Pi
28. Serendipity, good question
29. Belinda Clark, scored 230 in 1997 in an ODI, long before Sachin
30. i have no idea about this as I am from Pune

madafterknowledge said...

Ok here goes -

1) Tata Ace
2) Aboard the Orient Express in 'Murder on the Orient Express'.
3) Google !
4)John Isner and Nicholas Mahout in the 2010 Wimbledon
6)The Three Musketeers !
8) Michael Ballack
9) Not very sure but is it A quiver Full of arrows ????
10)Sir John(probably) Simon..the members of the Simon Commission..
11) St Elmo's Fire
12) winning a grand slam as a mother
14) Donald Duck
15)The Big Dipper
16) Airtel
17) Springfield..dunno the full name
18) Heisenberg, He lies here somewhere!!!
21) Docomo
24) Due to Paul the Octopus !