Saturday, December 4, 2010

Question 430: Ive shone you all i need to

THis is a lego parody of a parody of a famous scene from a movie, a cult classic in which launched actor __X__ really shone. This scene has oft been repeated in many movies and TV shows, and has been rated amongst the scariest scenes in any film ever.


1) The actor X
2) The original movie
3) The parody, and where it was shown.
(pay attention to the video)


Priyank Mehta said...

X is Jack Nicholson.
The original movie is The Shining.
The parody was shown on family guy.

SyntaXerroR said...

x should be jack nicholson...but one flew over..had already launched his career.
the movie is kubricks shining.
and its a stewie griffin parody!

stinky94 said...

The Shining
Jack Nicholson...
i got that from the scene. i dunno where the parody is from:(

Nerrad said...

jack nicholson, the shinning, the parody is done on the family guy

Rohan said...

just guessing Clint eastwood, the good the bad and the ugly

Siddarth Pai said...


Priyank Mehta

@ SyntaxError

read the question properly, everyone seems to have omitted the in