Wednesday, December 15, 2010

QUestion 436: I'll take you to the candy shop

__X__ got the idea for __Y__ during the 1930's Spanish Civil war, when he noticed Spanish soldiers munching on chocolates enamelled in a tempered chocolate coating for protection from heat.
THe named the product __Y__ after both himself, and his business partner with whom he had a well

Here's a graph of the colour of __Y__ over the decades

Simple enough

1) ID X and Y
2) And the partner he had a parting with


Anonymous said...

Skittles, m&m's or even Cadbury's Gems. One of these.

Nagaratna said...

X - Forrest Mars Sr. (The Mars chap)
Y - m&m's
Partner - William F. R. Murrie (Some outsider Hershey's chap)
You really like that candy shop song, don't you?

Nerrad said...

m&m's.. uh.. mr murphy and mr monroe?

Kaushik said...

X - Forrest Mars

Y - M&M candy bar

Rohan said...

m&m gems

madafterknowledge said...

X is Forrest Mars.

Y is obviously M and M.

The partner was president of hershey's chocolates..some Murrie..i don't know the full name..

churott said...

M&M... i dono either of their names

Aravind V said...


Anonymous said...

When did you create this blog ?

Siddarth Pai said...


(ignore the last part, that little harridan doesn't know what she's saying)