Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Question 447: iPhony

Report from the Onion on the newest Iphone released:

“In a move expected to revolutionize the mobile device industry, Apple launched its fastest and most powerful iPhone to date Tuesday, an innovative new model for the company’s hippest and most dedicated customers …

… According to Apple, the new iPhone __X__ boasts superior processing speeds, and a multi-touch interface that provides those who are “cool enough” with a rich user experience. The wide-screen display reportedly also features the most brilliant colors and finest resolution ever imagined …

… Retailing for $599, the iPhone __X__ offers only the most special Apple consumers—the ones who believe in the company more than anything else in the world, and who would never, ever dream of questioning it—the ability to open dozens of powerful applications at once."
During his Stevenote Address, Jobs said

"I am proud today to introduce to those who really, truly deserve it, our most incredible iPhone yet," announced Apple CEO Steve Jobs, "Not only is this our lightest and slimmest model ever, but as any truly savvy Apple customer can clearly see, it's also the most handsome product we've ever designed."

The packed auditorium, which had been listening to Jobs in hushed reverence for several minutes, then erupted into applause, with hundreds of men and women suddenly jumping to their feet and shouting, "I can see it!" "Look, there it is!" and "God, it's so beautiful!"

Steve Jobs unveils the updated iPhone exclusively to those who really, really want to see it.
Screams of "Of course, yes, I too can see the phone," were also heard at this time.

(Thanks to some clever editing on my part, (hold your applause), i managed to remove the Iphone from all the pictures without imposing upon the integrity of the photo. So its the photo sans only the iphone, no sore lines of white or black to be seen.)

1) Id the Iphone (full expansion)
2) ID what makes it so special/what is it


1) Iphone #3GI
2) Software update


madafterknowledge said...

The iPhone 3GI !

churott said...

i phone 3g

only loyal iphone customers can see it.

churott said...

i phone 3g

only loyal iphone users/apple customers can see it

Nagaratna said...

1)Iphone 3Gi
What expand it? I stands for invisible?
2)A joke on/about the Iphone + Apple worshippers?
Its very reminiscent Emperor's New Clothes

Chunky said...

Err....iphone 3GI?

kapinjal said...

APPLE 3GI, AS LIGHT AS AIR..http://www.theonion.com/articles/apple-claims-new-iphone-only-visible-to-most-loyal,2772/

Siddarth Pai said...


Nagaratna and Churrot

1) Iphone #GI (I for invisiible)\
2) Wasn't a phone at all, it was software for the people who hadn't jailbroken into their iphones

No points for 3 g