Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Question 465: Up Up And Away

These are the general side effects of a drug which was originally used to treat hypertension and a symptom related to heart attacks. Its present use mirrors this in some aspects, but what really rises to one's mind when one sees this drug is something more concrete, hard evidence if you could pardon the term.

An Ignobel was awarded for the use of this drug in the treatment of Jetlag as well, as it benefit for treating altitude sickness and other ailments is well known.

Just ID the drug (this picture should serve as a clue in 2 other ways, other than what has been blanked out)
Pseudo bonus points for anyone who can id the ways as well



Look at it from left to right, you can notice how viagra works
Also, the graph is blue
Those are the 2 other clues you should not have got
IF you have
You're like me


churott said...


Sebin said...

its acid and you see white rabbits and green monkeys

Sebin said...

no no its weed and we all know the side effects

kapinjal said...


Prasad said...

Is it Acetyl Salicylic acid or more commonly known as Aspirin

abhimanyu said...

hehe...nice 1...Viagra

Anonymous said...

Viagra :D


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