Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Question 479: Set a Thief to catch a thief.

read this carefully
Below, is the description of __X___ , by ___Y____
Gimme both, X and Y.

The poor, meme-ridden "comedy" website ___X____ is the stuff of Internet legend and infamy. The site, which is thought to have originated in 1860 as an imperialistic for global domination, is now a multi national effort and is viewed as the best of its kind by some. ___X_____ currently specializes in tedious mockery of perceived competitors and petty in-fighting, with much of the content seen as mass-produced junk.

The site was founded by billionaire entrepreneur and media tycoon Oscar Wilde in 1860( Oct). however, the early ___X______ was not the impressive effort it is today. It all began when Wilde would often write puerile childish jokes on scraps of paper to his male friends to encourage more 'intimate relations'. The internet was, conveniently, invented in 1880 and allowed Wilde to pursue the same method though technology and thus he was able to go global.

ft-porn tycoon Jimbo Wales bought ___X____ from Oscar Wilde in 2005 off the back of economic difficulties and bad press over Wilde's 'libertine lifestyle'.

It's Uncyclopedia,



Siddarth Pai said...

X and Y and Uncyclopaedia

Archimonde said...

X- The Uncyclopedia
Y- Oscar Wilde

Rohan said...

The first paragraph made me think it was xkcd, but the mention of Oscar Wilde told me it was Uncyclopedia! and Jimbo Wales was a giveaway...X and Y both are Uncyclopedia...good thinking of keeping X and Y instead of just X.

Nagaratna said...

} Uncyclopedia.

SyntaXerroR said...

Uncyclopedia and Jonathan Huang

Nerrad said...

wikipedia by uncyclopedia

madafterknowledge said...

X = Uncyclopedia = Y :) !

Aravind V said...

X: Uncyclopaedia !