Sunday, January 16, 2011

Question 488: Not Very Lucrative, I'm afraid..


'In Tarquin's likeness I did entertain thee:
Hast thou put on his shape to do him shame?
To all the host of heaven I complain me,
Thou wrong'st his honour, wound'st his princely name.
Thou art not what thou seem'st; and if the same,
Thou seem'st not what thou art, a god, a king;
For kings like gods should govern everything.

The Bearded One(B)

Okay. You see a piece of text from an insignificant piece of literature, written by someone really jobless. It might help to know who he is, though, mind you. Call the verse __A__
Then you see a picture. Call him ___B___
If you connect A&B, chances are there that you'll find a particular incident as a the connect.

Call the connect __X___
As a result of __X___ , something quite historic happened. Maybe the first of its kind?
Call this historic event___Y___

Just give me X and Y

The poem is The Rape of Lucrece

that's Titian
his painting, The Rape Of Lucretia

The rape of Lucretia by Tarquin led to revolts.
Transition of ROman monarchy to Roman Republic.


Siddarth Pai said...

A- Rape of Lucrece
B- Titian
X- Rape of lucretia is the connect, a painting
Y- The overthrow of the monarchy and the establishment of the Roman Republic

Nerrad said...

caesar something? tarquin was that final king before rome became a republic.. and the title.. uh.. feast of lupercal?

Nagaratna said...

Rape of Lucrece.

manish hn said...

the verse is from romeo and juliet..i guess we all know who the jobless bugger who wrote it is//..the chapter title is the rape of lucecra..
the dude is a painter called titian....something or the other...he painted the rape of europa...closest connect i could think of....

Siddarth Pai said...

im the only one to get it
Told you man
just make the questions normal

Not this complex or convoluted
Provide a bit more info