Thursday, January 20, 2011

Question 494: Gene Kelly Would Not have been Proud of this.

The vaguest of reasons.
We can't say for sure why many of us do this.
This is something most of us don't really do at will, when we're in the company of our friends or maybe even at college/work. In other words, we aren't really inclined to doing it in public.
The cause for this habit differs from person to person, depending on his peculiarities, confidence, skill, etc.
When we're far away from the rest of the world in this particular place, mentally, at least, we tend to let our inhibitions go.
The good resonance and acoustics of this small, closed area of space, in which we spend at least 25 minutes of our day, boost our own capabilities. Well, only we think so. Not in reality! The sound of the elixir of life can dilute the extent of how bad we actually are. Hence, the short burst of being highly eloquent. After that little period, BOOM, back to your shell.

Slightly vague.
Lot of clues.
Causes(probable) for what?

All but one crack this!
The answer is...
Bathroom singing! :)


Siddarth Pai said...

Gene Kelly singing in the rain

so i presume
singing in the bathroom, the small room and acoustics made it rather easy
And hell, who doesn't?

appuchin said...

singing in the bathroom

SyntaXerroR said...

the header says it all...singing in the shower...and err..some of us don't do it!

madafterknowledge said...

Bathroom Singing !

Aravind V said...


Anonymous said...

bathroom singing

Nerrad said...

bathroom singing?

Nagaratna said...

bathroom singing

manish hn said...

lol...singing (in the bathroom)