Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Question 503 : The Quizzard( Yes, I know, weird Title)

Origin of?

The earliest printed reference to the origin of this proverb is attributed to the Ben Johnson in his 1598 play, Every Man in his Humour, which was performed first by Shakespeare.

'Helter skelter, hang sorrow, care will _______, up-tails all, and a pox on the hangman.'

Shakespeare used in Much Ado About Nothing.

'What, courage man! what though care _______, thou hast mettle enough in thee to kill care'

The Washington Post, 1916.

'On Wednesday the _____, __________ unsatisfied, tried to climb higher—and fell to the first floor. His cries could still be heard by Miss Godfrey; who, to effect Blackie's rescue, communicated with the following departments:
1. Police department.
2. Fire department.
3. Health department.
4. Building department.
5. Washington Heights court.

Curiosity Killed the Cat(fact!)


manish hn said...

care killed the cat....

Siddarth Pai said...

curiosity killed the cat

Archimonde said...

Curiosity killed the cat

joaopedro102010 said...

oh,nice question this is super cool ^.^

appuchin said...

curiosity killed the cat

Rohan said...

Curiosity killed the fact. Oh sorry, it's Curiosity killed the cat!!!

madafterknowledge said...

Curiosity killed the cat (Yes the title did make it much easier ;) !

Nagaratna said...

Curiosity Killed the Cat.
Nice question.

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Curiosity killed the cat !

The title gave it away.