Monday, February 7, 2011

Nihar and Pai have left the building, but not the premises

This is what we chose to call

A Transfer of Charge & The Faypril Shift
(You can guess who came up with which part, in fact, +5 for correctly guessing - Pai)

Dear one and all,

Firstly, we are absolutely delighted to announce that   Pranav Pai, Sebin Cheerotha and Nagaratna Patil have joined The Quizzard as authors for a period of roughly two months. Given their quality, we are undoubtedly lucky, and privileged, to have them posting on the blog.

Needless to say, their credentials are top notch, having countless quizzing honours against their names. 
This page doesn't contain the space necessary to list out all of those, so we'll just stick to the brief description(Sorry fellas, hope you don't mind!)

Plenty to look forward to, during their little vigil. The variety and quality of questions, we're forced to admit, will very likely exceed what you see everyday.

But, be patient. Give them a little time to get completely acclimatized with the state of affairs. It'll be very, very soon, mind you! :)

Both Siddarth and I happen to be in our 12th standards, with those evil, gloom spreading trials, commonly known as exams, just around the corner.
And we must really admit that we aren't toppers in class(Proof that quizzers need not be nerds (ok, he's not, but im bloody close, from the bottom up,lol- Pai) ), and must really get down to crunching through books! 

So, we'll post rather sporadically, as and when we get time.

Hey! Don't go celebrating just yet. We aren't totally gone. You will see the odd question from us.
But we'll be back with a bang, better equipped to torture all of you!!

This was a hard decision, but undoubtedly, a necessary one.
Luckily, we have the luxury of knowing that the blog is in expert hands, setting new standards to surpass, which will, again, be a major task for us when we come back!
[btw, Faypril= Feb+ April]

So once again, a Big Thank You to Pranav, Sebin and Nagaratna!
So guys, the Stage is yours!

Nihar and Pai [Exuent]
To return for the next Act!

Nihar and Pai

Well, Nihar has hogged it all, so i haven't much to say, except this small piece of advice to hold the dear authors in good stead.

The three little sentences that will get you throughthe blog 
Number 1: Cover for me ____
Number 2: Oh, good idea,man 
Number 3: It was like that when I got here.

Use them well.

That is all
Nihar and Pai.