Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Question 557: Everyone can't be Tailor made to perfection





Four men.
Bound by something that requires separation.
Part of a list that's exhaustive, save for the fact that all on the list haven't been mentioned.

Id the men.
Id the connect.
5 for identifying. 5 for the connect.


A - Conrad Hilton Jr.

B - Eddie Fisher

C - Mike Todd

D - Richard Burton

Yes, all ex - husbands of Elizabeth Taylor.
Elizabeth Taylor Biography

And too much of a give-away title, I know.
But psh. Stop harping over it.


Pi.R.Square said...

all married liz taylor
your question name gave it away
too easy.

conrad hilton junior
eddie fischer
mike todd
richard burton

Pi.R.Square said...

& oh
they all got divorces, if thats what you're looking for, judging by that question name

Rohan Danait said...

Ex-Husbands of Elizabeth Taylor:
1. Conrad Hilton Jr
2. Eddie Fisher
3. Mike Todd
4. i'm guessing richard burton

Siddarth Pai said...

the husbands (or exes) or liz taylor
married 7 times to 8 people
conrad hilton
eddie fischer
michael todd
richard burton

the name gives it all away
i know i told you to make it pertinent
but don't give the answer away in the name girl

Anonymous said...

Husbands of Elizabeth Taylor
Bad title..


mashhood said...

Good stuff man...really funny....

Umang said...

The men in the life of Elizabeth Taylor
A-Conrad Hilton
B-Eddie Fisher
C-Michael Todd
D-Marlon Brando

manish hn said...

conrad hilton jr
eddie fischer
Mike Todd
Richard Burton

they were all married to elizabeth taylor.....

Blue Lotus said...

Elizabeth Tailor's ex husbands ....