Friday, March 18, 2011

Question 563 f: ∞ and Bee Wand


Made in Taiwan.


Also, I really don't like question titles.
Just so you know.


Tim Allen (Born Timothy Allen Dick) :P
voiced the character of Buzz Lightyear (Made in Taiwan )

He's known for his famous catchphrase, "To infnity...and beyond"


Archimonde said...

Buzz Lightyear. I posted the answer to this on 563-e by mistake...

Archimonde said...

The theme is cartoon characters who have movies based around them

Therefore, yogi bear is probably the red herring

Scooby doo- many movies
Scrooge - -"-
duck dodgers- space jam
wiley coyote- the roadrunner movie
Buzz lightyear- Toy Story

Pi.R.Square said...

Buzz Lightyear
thats your red herring
bad title, bee wand?

random_blogger said...

Tim Allen: Voice of Buzz Lightyear

Siddarth Pai said...

Buzz lightyear was made in taiwan, as we find out in Toy Story & tim allen is his voice
why dick though?
& you give away too much in your title girl, tone it down

Siddarth Pai said...

your red herring
not named after a real person (n ot named fater buzz aldrin)