Monday, March 28, 2011

Question 581: Got a small package for you buddy boy

The __X__ is one of the most historically and architecturally significant hotels on __Y__. Opened in 1954 and designed by Morris Lapidus, it was considered the most luxurious hotel on __Y__, and is thought to be the most significant building of Lapidus's career. In 2007, the __X__ was ranked ninety-third in the American Institute of Architects list of "America's Favorite Architecture".

It boasts of 1504 rooms, an oceanside view, 11 restaurants, bars (very important in this case), and a lot of pools( even more important).

But what really put it on the map was this picture.

View of X

Pool View of X

Pool view of X with the claim to fame

ID the person in the pic
and X (Y is an optional extra, since its a part of X)
also try shedding some light on the question name

X- Fontainebleau in Miami Beach
Claim to Fame: Amongst others, the movie scarface was shot there.
Hence the title

Scarface at the Fontainebleau

Scarface and his little friend


Pi.R.Square said...


& your title is a reference to "say hello to my little friend"

Rohan Danait said...

The fountainbleau hotel on Miami beach. Claim to fame is the James Bond movie Goldfinger.

Sukanto said...

X - The FontaineBleau Hotel , Miami .
Y - Miami Beach , FL.

manish hn said...

fontainebleau hotel in Miami..
im guessing....... scarface?

Anonymous said...

Fontainebleau Hotel, Miami Beach

GOldfinger, and every other possible movie shot in Miami


Soumya said...

Fountainbleau ..Miami Beach