Monday, April 11, 2011

Question 600: Reckless Lyrics

__X__ was the songwriter who helped ___Y___ write the lyrics to what later became his most famous song. Until then, __X__ had already written several songs for Aerosmith, but working with __Y__ was what gave him a greater share of the limelight.

__Y__ was only a boy when the year being referred in the song came around. At the age of 9, he says that he really couldn't have lived through even a quarter of what he was implying. The song was actually about sex, and not about a nostalgic look back, like __X__ still continues to maintain.

__X__ and __Y__ still amicably disagree about what the song is about. __X__ maintains it was inspired by care songs from The Beatles and Bruce Springsteen, while __Y__ still chuckles at the fact that it became the UK's favourite song in a 2009 summer poll.

unrelated to the song, but still funny!

Give me X and Y for 3 points each, name of the song for 4.


manish hn said...

x= jim vallance
y= bryan adams
summer of 69,,.......the position ,not the year :P

Rohan Danait said...

easy one. sexual innuendo gave it away. its Jim Vallance who cowrote the song Summer of 69 with Bryan Adams. Bryan Adams claims 69 was not a reference to the year but to the sexual position. Vallance disagrees. Whatever may be the roots, the song rocks...

Pi.R.Square said...

summer of 69 is the song
reference to the position
brian adams & jimmy vallance wrote the song
& 2009- 1969, is there any connection?

Siddarth Pai said...

Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams & Jimmy Vallace
& that is related to the song