Sunday, May 1, 2011

Question 618: Meeaooow ;)

So X here is the poster for this particular movie. This movie is um, special for a reason. Gimme the name of the movie and what makes it special.

Also, aren't rhymes fun?  

Also identify this chap Y and tell me why he's in this question.


Fritz the Cat
It was the first X rated animated movie to be released.

The gentleman is Robert Crumb and he created the comic strip "Fritz the Cat" 


Ameya said...

Frigt - the cat
the first x rated animated movie

Robert crump

Rohan Danait said...

Fritz the Cat(X), the first animated film to be X rated which is based on the cmoic strip of the same name created by Robert Crumb(Y)

Radical Ed said...

X- Fritz the Cat. It was the first X-rated animated movie.

Y-Robert Crumb. The cartoonist who created Fritz the Cat.

Siddarth Pai said...

movie's fritz the kat
& the guy is robert crumb
knowing you, the movie is definietely x rated
& the cartoon part proves me right

so 1st porno/ x rated animated movie

Pi.R.Square said...

fritz the cat
& creator robert crumb

1st x rated movie