Saturday, July 9, 2011

Question 697: South by Southwest

K. Hanumanthaiah is credited with the conception and construction of the __X__, . The foundation was laid by the then Nehru, on July 13, 1951. However it was Kengal Hanumanthaiah who was instrumental in the redesign and speedy construction of __X__. He visited Europe, Russia, United States and other places and got the idea of building __X__ by incorporating various designs from the buildings he had seen. It was completed in 1956. Kengal Hanumanthaiah took a lot of interest and effort in building this marvelous granite building. The front of the building is inscribed with the words Government's Work is God's Work(LOL!)
The cost of construction at that time was just 17.5 million (1.75 Crore) rupees. But presently, annual maintenance cost itself is more than 20 million rupees (which include repairs, painting, and other miscellaneous expenses).
The building is illuminated on Sundays and public holidays.



Dirty-i said...

Mysore palace

Pi.R.Square said...

Vidhana Soudha

Anirban said...

Vidhana Soudha - Bangalore