Monday, July 25, 2011

Question 725: Glasses make the man

Although having the manners and impressions of (1), the name of (2) and (3) is far more extolled. ID whats being talked about
#brownie points for 1,2, 3.


HARRY loyd
KEnt Taylor
Clark Gable

Superman's Alter Ego
Clark KEnt


VK said...

1 = Harold Lloyd, 2 = Clark Gable, 3 = Kent Taylor. Superman was based on 1 and named after 2 and 3

miami_maiden said...

superman's alter ego ckark kent...ismipred from kent taylor and clark gable...while 1 harold lloyd and 2 clark gable for siemt movies.....harold lloyd was most celebrated for his character in "glasses"...

Pi.R.Square said...

clark gable & kent taylor
people whom clark kent is based upon, the name

Cupidvogel said...

Hey Siddharth, I asked this question in my blog a few months ago, and you were one of the guys who answered it then! First one is Harold Lloyd, inspiration for Clark Kent. The next two pictures are of Clark Gable and Kent Taylor to form Clark Kent!