Thursday, August 4, 2011

Question 740: Affair but not Just

___X___ was a political scandal that divided France in the 1890s and the early 1900s. It involved the conviction for treason in November 1894 of _______ a young French artillery officer of Alsatian Jewish descent. Sentenced to life imprisonment for allegedly having communicated French military secrets to the German Embassy in Paris, _____was sent to the penal colony at Devil's Island in French Guiana and placed in solitary confinement.

Two years later, in 1896, evidence came to light identifying a French Army major named Ferdinand Walsin Esterhazy as the real culprit. After high-ranking military officials suppressed the new evidence, a military court unanimously acquitted Esterhazy after the second day of his trial. The Army accused _____ of additional charges based on false documents fabricated by a French counter-intelligence officer, Hubert-Joseph Henry, who was seeking to re-confirm ______'s conviction. Henry's superiors accepted his documents without full examination.

ID X & the officer (same name)


Alfred Dreyfus
The Dreyfus Affair


Rohan Danait said...

The Dreyfus affair, Alfred Dreyfus

VK said...

Dreyfus Affair; Captain Alfred Dreyfus

Anonymous said...


Priyank Mehta said...

The Dreyfus affair.
The officer was Captain Alfred Dreyfus

patel said...

alfred dreyfus