Friday, September 24, 2010

Question 350.a: Go Green. Part 1

Question 1



Anonymous said...

ah.. varieties of apple? top is exactly that.. middles washington monument (washington apples) and the third is the story of george washington and the cherry tree (cherry apples)
accept my damn comment!

churott said...

washington... ist pic washington apples, 2nd washington apples, 3rd washington cutting down the cherry tree

Nerrad said...

connect is washington- 1- all varieties of washington apples 2- washington monument 3- the famous story of george washington and the cherry tree

the girl with the broken smile.... said...

Okay this is my first attempt at this sort of thing. Hope I got the formatting bit of it right.

George Washington, former President of the US was rumored to have cut his father's favorite apple tree as a child with his hatchet. When questioned he said 'I can't tell a lie' and confessed.

The second picture is of the Washington Monument in Washington DC.

Deepthi. :)

deepti said...

1.wasgington apples 2.washington memorial
what's the third one??

pranav said...

the connect is george washington dont know the first part
but the second one is the washington memorial and the third one is a visual representation of a famous george washington story

Anonymous said...

washington. duh.

Anonymous said...

washington. duh.

cupidcobra1 said...

Something to do with American War of Independence?

prasanna said...


Nihar said...

Washington would do.
Washington Apples
Washngton Monument
The Story of the Cherry tree