Saturday, September 25, 2010

The THEME SCHEME: How it works (Just in case it isn't clear, yet)

In case you still haven't understood, let me clarify before I get to the actual question.
This is like an actual quiz.
In this theme week, we'll have 6 questions. Each question will give you a basic 5 points. These questions carry no negatives. Don't worry. Attempt them without fear ;)
In addition, we have the THEME SCHEME.
Question 350 has an answer. 351 will, quite obviously, have an answer. After 2 days, we will reveal these two answers.
At this point, you can go for the theme(connect) of the week. You can go for it even now, but it would be risky.
After 2 answers, a correct guess at the theme gives you + 30! But a wrong on gives you a -5! :)
You are free to go for the theme as many times(But only once per question), but keep the negatives in mind.
After questions 3 and 4, a correct guess gives you +20, wrong guess = -5
After 6 questions, +10, -5.
Hope it's clear.