Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christ Quiz: How-Way to Hell- Round 1

First Round by Nihar

plus 10 per question

5 for part answer.

I'll be putting up the answers in 2 days.


Rohan said...

open question 1. Pandora's box
1. The phantom of the opera by Gaston leroux
2. oscar statue
3. river delta regions?
4. first printed paper?
5. Boy Scouts
6. The Bridge of Sighs
7. HMV His Master's Voice
8. neeraja bhanot

Rohit $ said...

Open q1)Pandora's box
1)Phantom of the opera
3)Map of Bio-diversity hotspots
4)Martin Luther's 95 theses
6)The bridge of sighs
8)Neerja Bhanot

madafterknowledge said...

Open Question 1 - Pandora's Box

1 -
2 - Oscar Statue
4 - Martin Luther's Ninety-Five Theses
5 - Boy Scouts
6 - The Bridge of Sighs
7 - HMV (His Master's Voice)
8 - Neerja Bhanot

Prasad said...

Sorry for Late answers
1.Tata Nano
2.Google(great trivia)
6.The Three Muskeeters
12.She became the first Wild Card champion in US Open history and the first mother to win a Grand Slam title in US Open
14.The person who Donald Duck
18.Werner Heisenberg
19.Zettabyte.It came recently in the no.of donain names?
25.Road Running?