Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Question 434: Mis Mash

Based on a question i cracked some time back

Id the cartoons being parodied in the pictures, and the universe they have been set in
For eg, if calvin is parodied wearing a superman costume, your answer should be
Calvin and Hobbes
There are 2 parts to each question.

Hence for both, ID all the characters and the cartoon universe they are in




Rohit $ said...

1) All are cereal brand ambassadors

Nagaratna. said...

Tony the Tiger - Green Lantern (DC Comics Universe?)
Trix Rabbit - Human Torch (Fantastic Four)
Pebbles -
Popeye the Sailor - Hell Boy
Captain Crunch -
Toucan Sam -
Sugar Bear -
Quisp -
Count Chocula -
Okay, all of the mashups are breakfas cereal mascots and DC Comic Universe Characters.
Detailed questions are too tedious. Tone it down.

Nerrad said...

1) justice league and breakfast cereals
2) popeye and hellboy

churott said...

Tony the Tiger from Frosted Flakes = Green Lantern
Count Chocula is Yellow Lantern
Sugar Bear from Golden Crisp is Blue Lantern
The Silly Rabbit from Trix is Orange Lantern
Captain Crunch of Cap'n Crunch is Red Lantern
Toucan Sam from Fruit Loops is Indigo Lantern
Pebbles from Fruity Pebbles is Star Sapphire

and popeye is hellboy

Aravind V said...

1) The cartoons on the cover of the Kellogs cereal boxes clothed in Justice League costumes

2) Calvin and Hobbes strip with Hellboy characters in place of C&H

Siddarth Pai said...


Nerrad for the brief

Nagaratna for the full
Churrot for what she missed out

@ Rohit $
YOu forgot to name popeye in which universe, or like which character

@ Aravind V
Its popeye man, in Hellboy

Calvin and Hobbes was just an example.