Sunday, December 12, 2010

Question 433 e: River in France

________ gets dumped:
  • Because he admitted to changing the size 32 to size 31 of all his jeans because he "doesn't want to be a 32." 
  • For snooping around her closet having become suspicious of her wearing the same dress on every date . 
  • Because she had "man hands", which he comes to terms with, but is then caught riffling through her purse looking for a photo of a supermodel George needed 
  • Because he, having secretly become a vegetarian, kept spitting out the mutton she cooked for him and hiding it in her napkins. 
  • Because she discovered he'd been getting her drunk so he and his friends could play with her collection of antique toys 
  • Because he cheats on his "wife" to give another woman his family dry-cleaning discount. 
  • Because she thinks she saw him scratch his nose from the side, making it look like he picked it. 
________ dumps them:
  • For eating her peas one at a time 
  • For refusing to taste his pie at the coffee shop and later getting her father's restaurant shut down by the health board
  • Because she had once dated Newman, who had ended the relationship 
  • Because she wouldn't give him a massage 
  • Because she liked a commercial that he hated