Sunday, December 12, 2010

Question 433.g: Scarborough Fair ( last question)

Note: This will be the last question of the theme. The answers will be posted on Monday evening, and the scores updated thereafter

The movie _X_, released in 2005, is a remake of a 1974 movie of the same name. The movie features the prominent line, spoken to the protagonist, "Most of these boys have nothin', never had anything to start with. But you, you had it all. You could have robbed banks, sold dope or stole your grandma's pension checks and none of us would have minded. But _____________, man, that's un-American!"

After gauging the state of the prisoners, the protagonist agrees to the warden's request to form a football team of prisoners against the guards, as a warm up game for the guards.

The underdogs, as in every good Hollywood or Bollywood movie, wins ( no surprises there).

But in the remake, the protagionist __Y__ becomes the coach of the team.


1) Id X and Y

And for all you tin-eyers out there, enjoy the pic


madafterknowledge said...

the longest yard..with adam sandler as paul crewe!!

Nagaratna said...

X - The Longest Yard
Y - Paul Crew/Nate Scarborough(1974/2005) played by Burt Reynolds.

SyntaXerroR said...

x the longest yard
y burt reynolds

Priyank Mehta said...

X-The Longest Yard
Y-Paul Crewe

Rohan said...

The Longest Yard

Aravind V said...

X - The Longest Yard
Y - Burt Reynolds

Aravind V said...


All have appeared in Playboy(?)

I know Seth Rogen and Trump have for sure.