Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Feedback, please?

You've all been answering questions for quite some time now, and you have expressed your preferences of what you'd like to see on the blog---via polls, conducted by *US*.

So you'd have o say a simple "Yes", or a "No.", or in some cases, some crazy option.

Now, what we're looking at is a descriptive feedback from you guys.

So PLEASE- State quite clearly what you want on the blog, as a comment under this post.
Be as descriptive as possible. Don't hesitate to write long comments, please. If you think it's gonna trouble us reading all that, all the more reason for you to write long stuff, right? Your chance to hassle us.

So, COmment!


Rohan said...

for starters, do something about all the spam on the shoutbox. Decrease the frequency of questions. Remove share it, newsfeed, espn breaking sports news, google talk button, and decrease the number of posts per page to 9-11. And update the scoreboard regularly.

Nerrad said...

naked women!

Anonymous said...

more questions on rock'n'roll and english and foreign movies..i hardly see any..and some local karnataka trivia..which is zilch on your blog!

Siddarth Pai said...

@ NErrad, go to MILF and Cookies at the end of the blogroll for that

@ Anonymous
Will do man, but mainly jazz and classic rock. And classical

Will add more on movies as well, as well as contemporary culture

@ Rohan

Can't so anything about the shoutbox, sorry.
But join in, its fun.
Ive got exams now, so the score updating will be rather sporadic.

And its 2 per day
On weekends, 3

As for the widgets, speak to Nihar.