Thursday, January 13, 2011

Question 483: Ini MEME Miny Mo

ID what this MEME says
(And remember, don't cut yourself on Occam's Razor

Clue: Connect the signs to something from your childhood, or when you're bored in school/college/work


Best response i've got in ages

Yes, its scissors beats paper from rock paper scissors.
Beats Hitler as well


abhimanyu said...

rock paper scissors,....naice,.,..

Aravind V said...

Scissors beats paper?

Rohan said...

Scissors, paper, stone

Archimonde said...

Rock paper scissors! :)
Nice Question!

Nerrad said...

scissors owns papers ass and rapes it every evening

Zonu said...

Rock Paper Scissors!
Scissors wins over paper

kapinjal said...

scissors beat paper..

tommy sawyer said...

i'm jumpin jack flash..its a gas gas gas

madafterknowledge said...

Scissors beats papers!
Rock Paper Scissors !