Thursday, January 13, 2011

Question 482: Lost for Words

Tell me what s/he was talking about, if you feel like it.

X: I was very shocked, you know- this is terrible.

Reporter: What were you doing? 

X: I spent the whole day listening to some material because I didn't feel like sitting at home.

Reporter: When did you hear of it?

X: This morning.

Reporter: Very early?

X: Yeah.
     Drag, isn't it?

X later regretted using the word "drag", after it was published.

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PM reacting to John Lennon's assassination.


Siddarth Pai said...

bloody hell
my question

you wanker

Mccartney on hearing about Lennon's death

Rohan said...

easy one, Paul MCCartney about the death of Lennon

SyntaXerroR said...

Paul mccartney on lennons death...

Archimonde said...

This is Paul Mcartney's reaction to John Lennon's death

Aravind V said...

Courtney Love on Kurt Cobain's suicide/first suicide attempt/running away ?

deep said...

it's paul mccartney's reaction to the news of john lennon's death

Nerrad said...

paul mcartney after john lennon died

madafterknowledge said...

X is Paul McCartney talking about the assassination of John Lennon