Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Question 490: "No if, no but, only ____"

The title is from a film (obscure one at that), brownie points for anyone who can give me the title of the film, and an utter loss of respect if you've seen that film
Now onto the question
Ive divided it up into two parts, one with text, and the other, a picture parody (its always a parody).
One for the googlers, and one for the tin-eyers.
Both combined, gives you one for the purist quizzer (a combination of google and tineye)
Both have the same answer.

Textual Question:

Georges Seurat, motivated by study in optical and colour theory, he contrasted miniature dots of colors that, through optical unification, form a single hue in the viewer's eye. For example, he painted many green and red dots in a certain way that when you see the painting, the colour would be seen as the combination of both colours, in this case yellow. He believed that this form of painting, now known as __Y___, would make the colors more brilliant and powerful than standard brush strokes. To make the experience of the painting even more vivid, he surrounded it with a frame of painted dots, which in turn he enclosed with a pure white, wooden frame, which is how the painting is exhibited today at the Art Institute of Chicago.
In creating the picture, Seurat employed the then-new pigment zinc yellow (zinc chromate), most visibly for yellow highlights on the lawn in the painting, but also in mixtures with orange and blue pigments. In the century and more since the painting's completion, the zinc yellow has darkened to brown—a colour degeneration that was already showing in the painting in Seurat's lifetime.
The island of____X__ is in the Seine in Paris between La Defense and the suburb of Neuilly, bisected by the Pont-de-Levallois. Although for many years it was an industrial site, it is today the site of a public garden and a housing development. In 1884, the island was a bucolic retreat far from the urban center.

Pictorial representation:

1) ID X (the picture being described, and the progenitor of the parody)
2) The art form described, and utilized even in the parody (by someone as jobless as me to get all this info, and you for reading it. lol)
3) Brownie points for completing the title of the question

Open Questions (Click on the link)

1) Till 9 pm, IST (so thats about 10 pm Indian time i guess,lol)
2) Questions still open for a couple of more days


1) a lazy sunday morning on la grande jatte
2) Pontillism


and its no if, no but, only jat
From 'Jo Bole So Nihar" 
or is it Nihal
Either way
it was a fop


Rohan said...

No If, No But Only Jatt! from the Sunny deol film Jo Bole So Nihaal(or Nihar - you could have used that in the title). Tell me Pai, have you seen the film?
Anyways, Y felt like impressionsim but I'm pretty sure its Pointillism after seeing the Simpson's parody. In fact the parody gave everything away. X is La Grande Jatte. The original painting of Seurat being A Sunday afternoon on the island of la grande jatte.
Stop giving the parodies, they give the answer away. But still, good question. Lame title.

Surinderjeet Singh said...

1. The Island of La Grande Jatte
2. Pointillism
3. Jutttttttt

Nagaratna said...

Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte. Who cares about the progenitor of the parody? :P
No if, no but, only Jatt.
You're a Sunny Deol fan aren't you? :D

Aravind V said...

Y: Pointillism

madafterknowledge said...

The art form is Pointillism

The word that completes the title is 'Jatt' (from the movie Jo Bole So Nihaal ;))

THe painting is, I think, called A Sunday afternoon on the island of Jatte !

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Anonymous said...

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