Saturday, January 29, 2011

Question 507: What else is the internet for?

In July 2008, Puneet Agarwal, an NRi from London, revealed himself to be the author of a web comic __X__, to challenge a ban on it. According to Alexa, it's currently among the 100 most popular sites in India, and over 80% of the traffic to the site comes from there. The comic is printed in 10 different Indian languages, not counting English., a startup blog from India even did a case study on their growth and strategy.

"Wow, India has now joined the elite club of China, Iran, North Korea and suchlike in the area of Internet censorship."
Graphic novelist Sarnath Banerjee on the ban of __X___.

The official reason given for banning the comic was that it posed a hazard to Indian National Security. Thus for the sake of protection of our country, they banned this comic. Others rumour that it was due to the fact that the comic portrayed an actor __Y__ in an unsavory manner.

__X__ also spawned off a show which nobody watches, called Jay Hind, featuring __X__ and some guy called Jay.

1) ID X & Y
2) Brownie points for giving the unsavory manner in which __Y__ was portrayed, or the connection to the title.

Pic from the show nobody watches



He was portrayed as a judge in some Miss India contest.
Apparently, Karan Johar saw him on the site, phoned him up & informed
Karan Johar on Savitha Bhabi?
Man's a pendulum

& an overwhelming response might i add
I Really should check out that this blasted comics all about
All i go through is XKCD

St Jisu gets an extra 10 for being the only 1 to admit reading it, as i believe he was directly quoting the exact events.

Something im sure you've all seen


kapinjal said...


Archimonde said...

X is Savita bhabhi
Y i think is Rekha

soubhagya jena said...

the comic is savita bhabhi

appuchin said...

x-savita bhabhi
y-amitabh bachan
amitabh bachan was portrayed as a sexually disturbed personality

manish hn said...

lol...wild guess here..
X savitha bhabhi
Y amitabh bachchan

whats the internet for..??....hmm....damn tough ....prob 4 lettered word..starts with a 'p' and ends with an 'n'

i suppose Y ( or a character resembling Y) starred in X in some episode.....

Anonymous said...

Savita Bhabhi

St. Jisu said...

X- Savita Bhabhi
Y- Amitabh Bacchan

St. Jisu said...

And for the brownie points.. He was potrayed as a fashion show judge who "fixed" the results of the show in return of some.. let us say.. hanky panky?

Sebin said...

savita babi!!!!!

Aravind V said...

X: Savitha Bhabi

Anonymous said...

Savita Bhabi!!

madafterknowledge said...

X is obviuosly Savita Bhabhi and i think Y is Amitabh bachcan !

Rohan said...

Savita Bhabhi, ppl argued that "Bhabhi" is too sanctified a term to use for a pornstar.

Rohan said...

and Pai, there are definetely better sites...

sudheer said...

X is savita bhabi isn`t it ?

Nagaratna said...

x- savitha bhabi
y- amitabh bachan

is this why you're always online?