Saturday, January 29, 2011

Question 509: Brrrrrr

One of the first to discuss the possibility of an ___________ was __X_____. His 1665New Experiments and Observations_________ articulated the dispute known as the ________. The concept was well known among naturalists of the time. Some contended an___________ occurred within earth (as one of the four so-called 'elements'), others within water, others air, and some more recently within nitre. 

Values of this order for the ____________ were not, however, universally accepted about this period. Laplace and Lavoisier, in their 1780 treatise on heat, arrived at values ranging from 1,500 to 3,000 below the _________, and thought that in any case it must be at least 600 below. Dalton, in his Chemical Philosophy gave ten calculations of this value, and finally adopted a far off, completely wrong value. .



Yes, the question title was a BIG hint!
It is Absolute Zero.

The chap in the pic is Robert Boyle.


Nanda said...

X is Robert Boyle
And the concept is absolute zero or 0 K

Archimonde said...

I learnt this in my 1st year! ^_^
The topic being discussed is the absolute zero temperature. Laplace and Lavoisier arrived at values ranging from 1500-3000 below 0 degree Celsius...

X- Benjamin Franklin

manish hn said...

absolute zero, robert boyle,
new expts and obsv touching cold
primum frigidum
1500-3000 below freezing pt of water

Siddarth Pai said...

Absolute zero
Robert Boyle

appuchin said...

robert boyle

keyree10 said...

Absolute Zero. The title was a giveaway!

Rohan said...

title gave it away...Absolute Zero

madafterknowledge said...

Absolute Zero !

Aravind V said...

Absolute Zero

Siddarth Pai said...

Absolute 0 by Robert Boyle