Monday, February 14, 2011

Question 528: Put one over me

This man is one tough son-offa-gun.

Interviewed by Naomi Campbell, he spent no time hesitating to rip her a new one.
Once made a famous quote attacking President Bush's silly little Scottish Terrier, the infamous Barney; saying that the dogs from his country "mean" business.
His hobbies include white water rafting on his country's notorious rapids, bareback riding, motorbike racing, judo fighting, hiking shirtless in the Cedar forests and swimming the butterfly to escape freezing in cold lakes.
A raving animal conservationist, he is responsible for the very successful national Tiger protection program, and has extended his obvious influences to protect the bears as well; citing them to be examples of how his father fought the wars. He's even taken the head honchos of government on a tiger-spotting trip in the wild.
He spent his spare time spying on visiting heads of state, often blending in with the crowd in now infamously bad disguises.

Give me his name.



Not as food as Campbell Soup Though

Bush may be bold, But I'm Boulder

Now thats called a hairpiece

Brokeback Putin

Phelps has competition


Siddarth Pai said...

Vladamir Putin
Putin one over us eh?
Like Family guy.

Aravind V said...

Vladimir Putin

Nanda said...

Vladimir Putin??

Pi.R.Square said...

Vladamir Putin

Archimonde said...

vladimir putin

Rishiraj said...

Vladimir Putin

manish hn said...

vladimir putin

Zonu said...

Vladimir Putin

come on now thats a bit too easy

Pi.R.Square said...

Vladamir Putin

Pi.R.Square said...

Was my comment on time?