Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Question 529 : *Wink wink*

__X__  started a still hinted-at controversy in 1999 due to his carrying a bag that looks much like a woman's handbag. __X__ was alleged to be a  "gay role model" who was a hidden symbol of homosexuality meant to brainwash the children. The official response given was,  "He's not gay. He's not straight."

In May, 2007, the matter was revisited and an enquiry was planned by one Ewa Sowińska."I noticed that he has a woman's handbag, but I didn't realize he's a boy," Sowińska told a magazine in an interview adding, "Later I learned that there could be some hidden homosexual undertones." Sowińska said she would ask her office's psychologists to look into the allegations, and judge whether it can be shown on public television and whether the suggested problem really exists.

But on 30 May 2007, Sowińska said in a public statement that she no longer suspected the allegation of promoting homosexuality. She said: "The opinion of a leading sexologist, who maintains that this series has no negative effects on a child's psychology, is perfectly credible. As a result I have decided that it is no longer necessary to seek the opinion of other psychologists."

Id X.


Tinky Winky.
Teletubbies will also be accepted, because...come on...just look at all of them :P

And there's the bag.
Tinky Winky could be a hidden homosexual symbol, because "he is purple, the gay pride colour, and his antenna is shaped like a triangle: the gay pride symbol.

Despite the objections, the Independent on Sunday's editors included Tinky Winky as the only fictional character in the 2008 inaugural "Happy List", alongside 99 real-life adults recognised for making Britain a better and happier place.
Contrary to what one would assume, this Happy List has nothing to do with being gay. Though they are synonms.

The Happy List is a list of 100 people in the United Kingdom "who give back, volunteer, and who make Britain a better balanced, happier country."
Also, he wears a tutu.


Siddarth Pai said...

Whether tinky winky, the teletubby was gay

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twinky winky

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Dave Thompson

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tinky winky

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Tinky Winky from Teletubbies

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Tele tubbies

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twinky winky from telebubbies...or something like that

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Tinky Winky in teletubies