Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Question 530: I Said Keep Up the GOOD Work, NOT the **** Work....

ID the players below for a point each, but tell me what's the binding context through all the photos for 5 points straight. I need a VERY accurate ID on this binding context - not just a half-stop one.
Bonus points for IDing the individual contexts as well.


Ronaldo for ManUtd - missing the UEFA Champions League 2008 Final penalty
David Trezeguet, France - missing the World Cup Finals 2006 penalty giving Italy the win
Roberto Baggio, Italy - the 1994 World Cup Finals flew over the crossbar with his penalty miss
Terry, John for Chelsea - dropping the big miss in the the UEFA Champions League 2008 Final penalty
Scholes for ManUtd - giving Arsenal the big 2005 FA Cup win by missing the penalty in the Finals

binding - all big Finals penalty misses, football

(apologies to the Truly Blue, no intentions to hurt your feelings!)


appuchin said...

roberto baggio, john terry
penalty misses in finals!!

Siddarth Pai said...

Some guy (probably Italian, who screwed up what appears to be a penalty against brazil)
John Terry

They all missed penalties at major finals which caused them the cup
Terry missed at the Champions Trophy, Ronaldo same place
Benzema & Italian guy at the WC

abhimanyu said...

missing penalties in imp cup finals is the connect...first is cristiano ronaldo...champs league 08...2nd is some french guy in wc 2006....thirs is roberto baggio 1994 world cup final against brazil...made him a villain...fourth is terry in the same champs league game 08....last is paul scholes...dunno when..

abhimanyu said...

oh yeah..frenchie is daavid trezeguet....

Siddarth Pai said...

Pic 5 is Scholes
stupid Football questions

Rohan Danait said...

1. Cristiano Ronaldo
2. David Trezeguet (2006 WC final)
3. looks like Roberto Baggio...just guessing
4. John Terry (Champions league final Moscow)
5. Paul Scholes

all have missed penalty kicks in the finals of some tournament,

Screw Torres, we got Gerrard!
Alwways a Red!

Archimonde said...

1. Ronaldo missing a penalty,Nou Camp, Champions' League 2008 semi final 1st leg
2. Zidane getting a red card, World Cup 2006 finals, Olympic Stadium, Berlin
3. Roberto Baggio missing his penalty in the shootout against Brazil, Worldcup 1994 Final, Pasadena
4. John Terry missing his penalty against Manchester United, Champions' League Final 2008, Moscow,
5. Paul Scholes after losing the Manchester Derby, Barclays' Premier League, Old Trafford, 2008

Context: They have all missed penalties in cup finals?

ronaldo- UCL 2008
JT- UCL 2008
Baggio- World Cup 1994
Scholes- FA Cup 2005
Zidane- No idea. maybe the coppa italia or european supercup...

Archimonde said...

Also all of these fotos are mirror images...

rishwin said...

i am rishwin from cochin...
i hv been foolowing dis blog..

cristiano ronaldo
david trezeguet
roberto baggio
john terry
paul scholes

dey all have missed penalties in de finals of different championships.
trezeguet n baggio missed in world cups terry and ronaldo in champions league..dunno abt scholes

Zonu said...

Christiano Ronaldo missing the penalty goal in the champions league
Benzema missing the penalty in 2006 world cup
Roberto Bagio against Brazil in the 94 world cup
John Terry in champions trophy against MANU
Paul Scholes against Arsenal in the 2006 FA cup final

Connect: The all missed penalties in the finals costing them the game

Cupidvogel said...

Judging by the 3rd pic (Roberto Baggio), I think these are all famous instances of a penalty miss.

Pi.R.Square said...

All missed penalties in the finals of important tournaments

cristiano ronaldo, david trezeguet, roberto baggio, john terry, paul scholes