Friday, December 17, 2010

Question 438: Copy Luwak

Right, since our little copyright section garnered so much interest and invectives, its inspired me to this next questions.

Jim Warren, editor of the magazine which wrote (pic 1) as a joke, started with this: "There is a viable alternative to the problems raised by Bill Gates in his irate letter to computer hobbyists concerning 'ripping off' software. When software is free, or so inexpensive that it's easier to pay for it than to duplicate it, then it won't be 'stolen'." The method was to have an experienced professional do the overall design and then outline an implementation strategy. Knowledgeable amateurs would implement the design for a variety of computer systems. Warren predicted this strategy would be continued and expanded.

(pic 1)

This inspired the name of (pic 2), which is expanded upon below. It also included a phrase __X__, which like (pic 2), is the antithesis of its more affluent annotation. THe phrase __X__ includes part of (pic 2)'s name.

pic 2 is a symbol which has no legal meaning, but it has been used in a variety of spheres, especially computers with regard to programming and software.
ITs unavailable on UNICODE, but its approximated using U+2184 (reverse c)
ITs a play upon its more popular cousin, but is considered to be its reflection In all aspects, meaning included. Some would agree that its the socialist sister or the communist cousin of its more prominent variant.

(pic 2)

That should offer all the clues you need.

1) Id pic 2
2) ID what the phrase __X__ is.


Nanda said...

Copyleft and All wrongs reserved

churott said...

the pic is copy left
and the quote is all wrongs reserved

madafterknowledge said...

Pic two is the Copyleft symbol while the phrase is 'All Wrongs Reserved'.

Nagaratna said...

1)Copyleft symbol
All Wrongs Reserved

^Cool stuff.

Aravind V said...

All wrongs reserved.
Nice timing with the question!

Siddarth Pai said...


Screw Nagaratna for that last comment about that candy shop comment

so aravind's answer it is