Friday, December 17, 2010

Question 440: Comfy?

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Now onwards ho to the question.

This word has its origins in 1700–10; orig. Scots; perh. < Scand; cf. Norw koselig or kose seg, which means to to enjoy oneself.
The word itself is used to describe relationships, settings, and is amongst the most widespread used words in the world.

It rose to prominence however, when a company __X__, whose ad for the word __Y__ is shown, used it to describe the level of comfort it assured.

1) id the company __X__
2) Id the word __Y__

Sorry for the bad resolution on this pic, but it was hard finding the original ad)


Nagaratna said...

2 Cozy
The picture was a giveaway.

Rohan said...

Lux Cozy

Aravind V said...

Lux Cozi

Siddarth Pai said...


Nagaratna once again