Friday, December 17, 2010

Question 439: A little birdie once told me.....

In the Carribean or Africa, extending your palm was used to indicate that you were a product of polyandry, or in simpler, what you would like to call me after reading this question
Known as the digitus impedus or digitus imfamous in the greco roman era, used to denote contempt at authority during comedy plays, it was also used as a means to deflect the eveil eye in the Mediterranean region.
Another origin is that captured English Longbows had this cut off, to render them incapable of firing arrows. Hence it was used as a victory symbol after the 100 year war.
SOme Freudians believe that it is an extension of the phallus, but that can be said about anything erect (Freud liked his flag at full mast,lol)

1) ID what is being descibed
2) Conenct it to the question name

+5 per right answer


Nagaratna said...

Excellent question! :D
1)Showing someone the (middle, obviously) finger. Basically telling them to F*!k off.
2)Its often referred to as "flipping the birdie"

Anonymous said...

fuck you, flip the bird

Aravind V said...



Aravind V said...

It's called 'the bird', and hence the title of the question.

churott said...

the action of showing the middle finger is being described here.

Showing someone middle finger is known as tossing the bird at someone.(second part credited to nerrad)

Anonymous said...

Flip the bird, or showing the middle finger

Pinak said...

The Middle Finger

Siddarth Pai said...



And for all those who forgot the 2nd half of the question, you only get partial points.