Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Question 563 d: Which Century Are You Living In?



X? Is there anything more to identify?

Connect 1 and 2.
Tell me what that is and then connect that to X.
Id X and explain the title if you want.
Btw, that's my interpretation of what X would look like :P


1 + 2 = Shaving Cream Atom (also known as Illudium Fosdex)

X - Planet X

Connect - Duck Dodgers in the 24th and a half Century

Hence the title


Pi.R.Square said...

shaving cream atom from planet X which has the only remaining supply
duck dodgers from the 24 and a half century is your title
daffy duck plays him
based on buck rogers

Pi.R.Square said...

& please, don't insult me by calling me pai. Im just showing that im a better quizzer than that pompous ass, by catapulting to the top of all his blogs.
He thinks he's the bees knees after winning that scitech quiz and general quiz in school.

Siddarth Pai said...

This is from duck dodgers of the 24.5 century
a parody of buck rogers of the 25th century
A reference to the shaving foam atom no doubt, from planet x, the only viable source of it left in his universe.
also explains your titular choice.

Rohan Danait said...

1 is shaving cream(personally, i prefer foam esp. aloe vera flavour :P) and 2 is an atom. So shaving cream atom, its that element in Duck Dodgers cartoons. Duck Dodger tries to find it on the Planet X.

Archimonde said...

Duck Dodgers
( Daffy Duck version of the Green Lantern! :P)
does X stand for X-2 the martian?

Archimonde said...

or X could be Planet X - the only planet in the fictional universe where shaving cream atom is found, which brings us to the title of the question

Archimonde said...

The theme is looney tunes characters- Yogi bear, Wiley Coyote, Duck Dodgers

Uncle Scrooge is the red herring